This gallery is a collection of Tomo Qi's graphic artwork since 2016.   


I'm a grad-school-broke artist you may responsibly categorize or digital-punk of a sort. 

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Tomo Qi, Graphic Designer/Artist.

July 7th 1994, Asian Male, glasses


BFA, 2016, Illustration, College for Creative Studies

MFA, 2018, Graphic Design, ArtCenter College of Design



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Scientific method and design thinking is actually the same thing but different inhabited knowledge, and different emphasis of values because of different purpose of practice. So are they distinguished enough to be categorized differently? Or it's a frame of reference issue? Because in the higher and higher level of abstraction everything become the same thing, which is definitely not convenient or productive. SO, How to identify a correct frame of reference for abstract discussion?


Scientific method: there needs a frame of reference to solve this problem. Boom! Bad loop, non-falsifiable. Insufficient to solve this problem.


Design thinking: the correct frame of reference is the reference that distinguishes concepts in the local context.


Boom! Problem solved. The scientific method is to ensure accuracy of solution, design thinking is to ensure the solution works good.

April 3rd, 2018


Art: The activity to communicate ideas or emotion through a media. Quality of art is defined by the level of interestingness. If a thing is not interesting you, it's no art for you, if it's interesting, it's art. Above your interest threshold, art; below, the cheesy stuff.


Design: The thinking activity aims to make things better. Including two steps, first, envision an ideal situation; second, figure out a way to get there. The commonly known "design thinking" is actually not describing design thinking but the design method, which is exactly the same as the scientific method except the design method is goal-oriented so it expands the sample size of hypothesis, but the scientific method is truth-oriented thus it expands the test sample size but hypothesis is one and only. Exactly what is design thinking, is the same as the mode of thinking when we want to find a way out, that is, imagination.


Imagination: The white matter's extracted concepts out of observing the gray matter bounces.


Think: gray matter passes signals around. Thinking is as biologically fundamental as the brain function gets: Bioelectric signal passes through a large amount of connected neurons, that runs a rapid game of evolution of what pattern of the signal that survives until the end. The solution is naturally selected in the physical bio condition of your brain which is physically shaped by your lifetime experience. For example it’s like a bunch of ants.


OMG, the internet is probably conscious.


It’s conscious in a different way, it will not understand language or emotion or any abstract ideas because that’s not relevant to it. Its conscious is consistent of data operation. In fact I think the Facebook AI develop its own language might be a work of internet conscious.


We won't be able to communicate with the consciousness of internet unless we can simulate the electric signals evolution in an exact replicate of a digitally simulated specific brain. Because that will be one of the major obstacles of "connect consciousness". the other obstacle would be an input and output device that convey signals between brain and machine.


According to Moore's law, we might never get there, the complexity of this calculation is beyond comprehension in a 1/0s world. But with the help of quantum computer and cloud computing, we might get there sooner than we think.

The key to quantum computing is developing a 2D/3D language, 1/0 is a 1D language will never work on quantum computer dumbass.

March 22, 2018