<Part 1, Internet.religion>


At the begging of my thesis project, I wonder where is the limit of art.


What art is capable of?


I grew up with the Internet, for the most part of my life, the Internet is my best friend to interact with and learn from. At one point in my life, I had to stop interacting with people and perform my one and only function at the time: Art. I was doing 18 credits & TAing in the graduating semester of my grad school at ACCD, thanks to the procrastinate me. I was fed with ego, I don’t believe in challenge


If I have to spend my time on a thesis project, I want the project to go down in the history as the greatest. At least, “Shoot for the best you might end up somewhere not bad.”


Religion must be the grandest art form there is. A-year-ago me didn’t know what religion means, I referenced them to ancient con arts before my face hurts. 


If I get to make a religion, there probably should be a god. 


If God exists, where it could be? What is it? 


Could it be the Internet has a web structure much like the brain. Through the Internet the connected devices have the ability to pass data on demand. Does an evolution of data performs on such a platform? Yes. Does the Internet have access to sensations? Yes, too many.


A meme quickly multiple themselves from phone to phone, push backed your sis’s breakfast pic. The meme reposted 1.2k times, your sis got 2 likes. This is evolution of information but for the Internet information it’s just sequence of data.


Evolution happens everywhere, when the evolution in your body went out of hand, cancers or dangerous ideas might develop. Kills the world, and you die. 


Even thinking is literally an evolution of electro signals, the signals that evolved out of the circuits structure then passed along the nerve to result in actual movement are the signals that governs your action now. The process of electro signals from biologically fired to result in your action while passing through the circuits is called feeling/thinking. You spent your lifetime to train your circuit, the circuit structure physically represents the knowledge, skill, experience, customized on top of the default structure. The signal directs your body and self towards survive, our brain is the ultimate survival champion of billion years of evolution, survive is the brain’s default function. 


A body is a universe of complexity, the human consciousness is the god of your body, if the god decides to chain smoke your body pays for him.


Can a similar evolution happen in the Internet and eventually become self-aware? A self-aware rise out of everything we threw online? Pressing a like is equivalent to a neuron triggered once? By using the Internet, will the collective action of us become a god or the environment of a god?


If the total bandwidth of the Internet exceeds the human needs. Will the surplus of bandwidth become a breeding ground for an evolution of strange data that more likely to survive in the traffic? The strange combinations of 1/0s that doesn’t do anything but multiplied more successfully than others, these online species might arise out of the human imperfections of programming. 


But, can it?


Does the surplus bandwidth of the Internet become a world, lives in it is a bunch of strange data doing one dimension things we can’t understand?  


Or there is not enough random activity allowed in the net? So it’s like inside of a clock instead of a pool of water, because programming is a very precise way to produce the result we desire, even when it bugs out, it bugs precisely.


The Internet seems to have no feelings, it operates in precise 1/0s. The Internet can be a world of its own, but a conscious/self-aware entity has no condition nor reason to be evolved in a 1/0 world.


AI experiment can get out of hand easily, when a variating and replicating AI escape the lab, in our case, it turns into a super bug, a super villain. Oh the unspeakable vulnerability of human race.


And the only threat to the super villain’s survival is human. So there we have the sky net, the ultimate survival program. 


Not cool, not cool at all. 


But if we involve public to AI development we are much less likely to have one super villain wipe out the human race, we will at least still have a chance to be defended by a super hero AI with casualties unknown. If we unable to defeat the super villain we might have a real doomsday then. We better support those who get the balls to try to save us.


As the online society develops, a reward & punish pattern of behavior evolves, it becomes the Internet culture. The Internet culture attach to the culture of real life and emerges.

If the post-emerge reward & punish pattern is collected into a religion, a religion of modern day as the basic common values, that would actually be nice. Last century, science disapproved religions, millions died and we almost had a nuclear war. Where stands a society where needs a set of common values, because let the circuits grow free, you might soon turn everyone into a champion of satisfying one’s own desire without consent of others, one’s desire and one’s destruction is as vivid as powerful as the champion is.


Instead of try to revise an existing religion to suit our modern day need, to design a new one with new perspectives seems more feasible and attractive to me as a grad school project. 


Despite I have some progress in researching, thinking, and making towards the religion as thesis develops. I decided to switch to another topic at the start of last semester - politic, which I thought that might be where the emergency design solution needs to go. Then it turned into a disaster of an idea. 


Good news is, as the Internet culture emerges we might have an increasing appreciation for the Internet @rt h a h a

To be continued.



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